Watoto “Better Days” Concert

We were thrilled to welcome the Watoto Children’s Choir on Wednesday the 5th June for a day full of activities!

To day got off to an amazing start with over 200 children in the building when the students from Finedon Mulso CE Junior School attended a condensed performance of Watoto’s “Better Days” concert, the atmosphere was electric. It was wonderful to see students from Finedon schools so engaged in what was happening on stage.

We then opened our doors for an evening concert where 100 members of the community came to hear the Watoto Choir’s story told so expertly through song, we even saw a number of families of children who has seen parts of the concert earlier in the day return to watch it in full!

The children of the Watoto Choir have such an amazing story, and to see how much their faith means to them and witness them celebrate their through music in front of a captivated audience was a privilege.

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