Croft Organ

The organ was installed in the church in May 1717 with the opening concert being given by Dr William Croft and the choir of the Chapel Royal. Current research attributes the organ to the work of Father Smith, dating from around 1704; the organ is believed to have originated from Windsor Castle.
Most of the original pipe work remains and the casework is original c.1704. In the 19th century Holdich restored the organ, adding new pipes and moving the console to the side of the organ. Since then, little has changed.
The organ was restored in 2013/14 by Holmes & Swift thanks to funding from Heritage Lottery, Church Care, the ON Fund and local donations and fundraising. The c.1704 artwork on the front pipes has been carefully restored by Jenny Newton-Duffy. All the pipes have been cleaned and the action, keyboards and bellows restored. The temperament of the organ is now Neidhardt for a small city (1732).
A number of organ recitals and concerts featuring the organ are being arranged. See the events section for details.
The church houses the library of organ music owned by Dr Stanley Vann. For a list of items in the collection see the Music Lists page.

Organ Data

Northamptonshire Finedon, St. Mary the Virgin [N03520] Anglican Parish Church Grid Ref: SP9272 Survey date: 1717 Specification superseded History available Builders 1717 Christopher Schrider London Queen Anne organ by ‘Father’ Smith from St George’s Chapel, Windsor (V00052) installed here; BIOS Reporter II, April 1978. 1750-7 Unknown a curate of the church, Rev. William Jones, had the front of the Echo box altered so that it opened by a sliding panel, thereby making the Echo Division expressive; Country Life 19th August 1993, page 35 (incl. photographs); Department and Stop list Great Key action Stop action Compass-low GG Compass-high c Keys 51 1 Open Diapason (8) 2 Stop’d Diapason (8) 3 Principal (4) 4 Twelfth (2 2/3) 5 Fifteenth (2) 6 Sesquialtra 7 Cornet 8 Trumpet (8) Choir Key action Stop action Compass-low GG Compass-high c Keys 51 9 Stop’d Diapason (8) 10 Principal (4) 11 Fifteenth (2) 12 Cremona (8) Echo Key action Stop action Compass-low C Compass-high c Keys 25 Enclosed 13 Open Diapason (8) 14 Principal (4) 15 Cornet 16 Trumpet (8)

Photos below from our Organ restoration.

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