Thank You Jane and Barry!

A huge vote of thanks and gratitude to our Churchwardens.

Churchwardens are elected annually under the provisions of the Churchwardens Measure 2001 by the Annual Meeting of Parishioners, as the senior laypeople of the parish and congregation. Their term of office is one year, the average tenure is to serve for up to six consecutive terms of office (6 years). They are the bishop’s officers and are admitted to office each year by the Archdeacon, on behalf of the Bishop. Their first responsibility is to the bishop, usually via the Archdeacon. They, with the parish priest, are generally responsible for the day-to-day functioning of the parish.

Jane has served our church and parish for the last 17 years, she has worked with three appointed priests but many more visiting priests especially during three interregnums,  during which time we have had 4 Bishops, 6 prime ministers and two monarchs, so she now deserves a well earned rest.

Jane has been a stalwart within St Mary’s, very rarely missing a service, nearing 2000 of them, together with fund raising events plus meetings.  Jane and Barry both have a wealth of experience and knowledge about the church, its history and its functioning , which can only be gained  over time. We hope that they will both be about for many years to come so that we will be  able to call upon their knowledge and experience.

On behalf of the PCC, the congregation and the whole Parish, we offer them both our eternal thanks for the hard work and consistency they have brought to St Mary’s through the highs and lows during their time at the helm.