Floodlight Sponsorship and Dedication

JAN 2022

Floodlight sponsorship during the Coronavirus Pandemic

The cost of sponsorship is £12 per week of dedication, see below for form

Following a most generous donation from the Buffs, we were pleased to be able to reinstate church floodlighting in February 2010. We need to find the ongoing funding for the running costs and feel that possibly some people might like to mark a special occasion or anniversary by donating the cost of a week’s floodlighting? Or maybe you would like to make a dedication in memory of a loved one?

The cost of sponsorship is £12 per week of dedication.
All money raised goes towards the running costs of the floodlighting.
“Sponsorship weeks” run from Sunday to Saturday, including the date specified

Unless you actively request anonymity, dedication details will be displayed on the church noticeboard and in the Sunday Sheet each week and included in the Church Magazine the following month (unless an earlier publication is specifically requested in time to meet publishing deadlines).

If you would like to take part in this project to maintain the illumination of our beautiful church building please complete this application form and hand it to Carole Mitchell, Jane Read or Neil Forster with your donation.

Thank you for your support

Late Floodlight Sponsorships for the Month of December 2021

19th -> 25th December In Memory Of : Derek & Eileen Garley, Sponsored By:- Barbara & Keith, Kevin & Sara

26th December > 1st January In Memory Of : Derek & Eileen Garley,  Sponsored By:- Barbara & Keith, Kevin & Sara

Floodlight Sponsorships for the Month of January 2022:

19th -> 25th December In Memory Of : Derek & Eileen Garley, Sponsored By:- Barbara & Keith, Kevin & Sara

9th >15th January

In Memory Of Her Husband : Harry Brooks (On What would Have Been His Birthday On 14th Janu-ary), Sponsored By:- Mrs. Muriel Brooks

To Give Thanks To The Donor Family Who Have Enabled Sharon To Celebrate 25 Years With A New Heart On January 16th , 2022. Sponsored By:-The Read Family

Treasured Memories Of : Willie Kerr – Much Loved & Greatly Missed (On The 3rd Anniversary Of His Passing). Sponsored By:-Dee Kerr

In Memory Of : Eric Coombs & To Wish Ryan A Happy 30th Birthday. Sponsored By:-Margaret Coombs & Family

In Memory Of : Joanna Wright Such Happy Memories Of A Loving Daughter & Sister.  Sponsored By:-Janet Maclean & Family

In Memory Of Her Husband : Harry Brooks (On The Anniversary Of His Death On 19th January 2016).  Sponsored By:-Mrs. Muriel Brooks

23rd > 29th January

In Memory Of : Robert W. Beaty.  Sponsored By:-Mrs. J. D. Beaty

In Memory Of : John Farrow (On The 7th Anniversary Of His Passing), Sponsored By:-The Farrow Family

30th January-> 5th February

In Memory Of : Clive Robin Hawkes (On What Would Have Been His 87th Birthday) Memories Of A Wonderful Husband, Father And Grandfa-ther Never Fade. Sponsored By:-Christine Hawkes & Family

St. Mary The Virgin, Finedon

Church Floodlighting – Dedication Form
Please CLEARLY  CROSS  OUT the options below which do not apply ↓
Name of Donor (s) :
Address :
(Please Include Postcode If Gift-Aided)
Contact Telephone Number :
Date Of Dedication :
Reason For Dedication : Memorial    /    Celebration
If Memorial – In Memory Of Whom ?
If Celebration – Give Details :
Is This An Anonymous Donation?    Yes (totally)  /  Yes (donor only)   /   No
If you are a UK Taxpayer and would like to GiftAid your Sponsorship, please Tick in this box so we can boost your Donation by reclaiming the tax from the Government (at no additional cost to you):
Please enclose £12 cash/cheque for each week. Cheques should be made payable to: PCC Finedon Parish General A/C

Floodlight sponsorship dates and notifications

Before any of our regular donors become concerned, I stress that nothing has changed in the way donations are processed since the floodlighting project began in February 2010.

I write now as I suspect that a little clarity may be needed – it appears there has been a little confusion recently regarding the dates for floodlight sponsorship.

“Sponsorship weeks” run from Sunday to Saturday, including the “target” date specified by the donor – hence, if a donor specifies a date which falls, for example, on a Thursday the “sponsorship week” for that dedication will start on the Sunday prior to the given date and end on the following Saturday.

Unless the donor actively requests anonymity, dedication details will be included in the Sunday Sheet for that “sponsorship week” and displayed, by poster, on the church noticeboard for the same week. Further, the dedication will generally be included in the Church Magazine dated the month FOLLOWING the specified date.

As much as it might be preferable to publish all dedication details in the same month’s magazine, this is just not feasible. Time lapses to allow for processing (including magazine editing, submission to the printers for printing and distribution ready for the start of the month) mean the cut-off to accept dedications would have to be, at best, half-way through the month prior to publication. Often this would mean there are two of three more Sundays in the month which would fall after the cut-off. It is for this reason that we have always printed each full month’s dedications the following month!

Example: For a dedication specified for Thursday 10th June 2021 :

  • the “sponsorship week” will be Sunday 6th June to Saturday 12th June 2021
  • the dedication will appear on the 6th June Sunday Sheet and posters, and in the July magazine
  • UNLESS a clear request is made, and enough notice is given, for this to appear in the June magazine (Note : cut-off would be mid-May!).

I hope this helps. The best message I can convey is a request that donors give as much notice as possible of proposed dedications and that they clearly specify if they want any special treatment of their dedication! So, if you want your dedication printed in a magazine other than the one for the month AFTER your chosen date, please allow plenty of time when submitting your details for processing and make your request very clear.

We remain grateful for all your donations and shall always try our best to follow your wishes, hence I offer my apologies for any previous confusion.

As always, please contact either Jane or Neil (our Churchwardens), or myself, if you wish to make a dedication.

Thank you in anticipation of your continued support.

Take care of yourselves, stay safe, stay well, stay home! God bless you all.

Carole Mitchell (on behalf of the PCC).