Thank you Corner

Thank you to Julie Kightley who has made material masks for the congregation to pick up at the sanitising station by the door.

Thank you to Paul and Karen for their kind donation towards the sanitiser.

The toilet is ready for use.  Thank you to Neil for installing safe sanitising features.  Please use the facilities provided to sanitise the toilet, hands, taps and door handles after use.  Thank you



Sadly our Archivist, Kaye McClelland, is moving away from the area and will no longer  be able to look after the records and books in the Monks Cell.  On behalf of the Vicar, Churchwardens and PCC , thank you Kaye for your care  of the Church records and ancient Books.  Thank you also for the time you gave singing in our Church choir.  We will miss you but we wish you much happiness in the next stage of your life.  Although you are still attending Church we wanted to say thank you before you disappeared to pastures new.