Time ne’er stands still,

the days go by,

The night draws nigh, and dawn

Will bring another day.


Winter has gone and spring is near, the lengthening days bring much more cheer.

At last the birds begin to sing,

As if to say, “It’s spring, it’s spring”.


Time ne’er stands still, and spring slips by,

The summer is here,

so warm and dry.

The golden corn sways in the breeze,

And birds build nests,

high in the trees


Time ne’er stands still,

and summer’s gone,

And autumn comes, but not for long,

The leaves soon fall,

The trees are bare,

And old Jack Frost is in the air


Very soon the autumn goes,

And soon we’ll see the winter snows.

The days seem long, the winds they chill, and so it proves,

Time ne’er stands still