Summer Memories

The summer’s gone, but happy

memories linger on,

Those glorious days of burning sun

No rain at all, we had such fun.

Those long, long walks through

fields of corn,

We could have walked until

the dawn.


The river is flowing, so slowly by,

The sun is glistening in the sky

A train speeds by to break the calm,

Its gone so quick, it’s done no harm.


The tranquil scenes bring

peace of mind,

Away from all the noise and grind.

We have the time to

“stand and stare”,

And see the fox run from the lair.

The birds sing out with heart

and voice,

As if to say, Rejoice! Rejoice!


We’ve walked and walked for

many a mile,

And now it’s time to rest awhile.

For soon we’ll start to roam again,

And make for home, along the lane.

R.A.Munns (2004)