Information about Upcoming Services

Please see  below information on our upcoming services, including details of readings.

31st Jan. The Presentation of Christ in the Temple (Candlemas)  
Malachi 3.1-5
Psalm 22. 25a-end
Heb.12. 1-4
Gospel: Mark 5. 21-43

7th Feb. 2nd Sunday before Lent
Prov. 8. 1, 22-31
Psalm 104 36-end
Col 1. 15-20
Gospel: 1 John 1. 1-14
Organ Voluntary: Jeremiah Clarke: Prince

 14th Feb. Sunday next before Lent
2 Kings 2. 1-12
Psalm 50. 1-6
2 Cor. 4. 3-6
Gospel: Mark 9. 2-9
Organ Voluntary: Nicolas de Grigny: Recit de Tierce en Taille

 17th Feb. Ash Wednesday
Joel 2.1-2,12-17
Psalm 70
2 Corinthians 5.20b – 6.10
Gospel: Matthew 6.1-6,16-21

Sunday 21st Feb. 1st Sunday of Lent
Gen. 9. 8-17
Psalm 25 1-9
1 Peter 3. 18-end
Gospel: Mark 1. 9-15
Organ Voluntary: Theodore Dubois: Fanfare

 Sunday 28th Feb. 2nd Sunday of Lent
Gen. 17. 1-7, 15-16
Psalm 22, 23-end
Rom 4. 13-end
Gospel: Mark 8. 31-end

Lenten Sponsored Bible Read
Sign up for a sponsored Bible read on March 12th with Pete Grindrod, 680276, to help pay for the upkeep for the Church.

A Visit from the Archdeacon of Oakham

A date for your diary! Sunday 11th February, 9.30am service The Rev’d Canon Alison Booker, Archdeacon of Oakham, will be preaching at St Mary’s. Her visit also coincides with our PCC meeting in which Archdeacon Alison will be working through the recruitment process for a new priest for Finedon.
Please come and support the Archdeacon and the PCC in this process. Your attendance at church on this day would be very welcome.