From the Vicarage October2020

Michaelmas, a nip in the air, leaves on the turn, time of brambles and fruit, and my first and last attempt to make crab apple jelly following the structural failure of muslin cloths and 3 kilos of fruit, causing a small explosion to stickily glaze the utility room.


I love the autumn, its colours and smells, nature’s flamboyant show, and, especially welcome now, the feeling of this year yielding to next.


What a year it has been! We won’t miss it too much, I guess, but I am afraid that next year will be tough too. Economic hardship will affect many, and we are still not yet safe from the virus, which, as I write, seems to be making a comeback.


Don’t be too disheartened, One of the things I will miss about 2020 is the chance lockdown offered to reconnect with the important daily rhythms of life, not having to rush everywhere, not to get over distracted by work and plans and just keeping up.


And I have reconnected to people, to my family and oldest friends, and newer friends, and parishioners, discovering in daily relationships support and encouragement and laughter in a year which might otherwise have been overshadowed.


I don’t know what lies ahead, and how long it will be before we’re doing what we want to be doing; but I am sure that those foundational things – friendship, support, steady presence – will enable us to face its challenges and face forward, even if we are unable to gather, to visit, as we would wish to.


Strength and grace and blessings to all. And keep well.

Yours in Christ,
Fr Richard.

The Parish AGM will now be
held in April 2021