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Your Councillors:
Terry Kendall-Torry, Chairman
Stuart Cooper, Vice Chair & Planning
Malcolm Ward, also WBC         
Jim Wrigley
Gordon Swann
Laurence Harper
Andrew Weatherill, also WBC
Neil Done
Dennis Willmott
Ray Ogle
Gill Spencer
Lynnette Kendall-Torry
Neil Forster


Newsletter Article for November



I am pleased to confirm the new councillors; Cllr Lynette Kendall-Torry, Cllr Neil Done and Cllr Neil Forster have all completed the ‘Off to a Flying Start’ Course with Northamptonshire County Association of Local Councils (NCALC). This course aims to provide an early, effective and confident start to their careers, by providing quality, constructive and participative training on the roles and responsibilities of Clerks and Councillors.



I am pleased to confirm I have completed the ‘New Clerk’s’ Course with Northamptonshire County Association of Local Councils (NCALC) which provided a broad understanding of the role and responsibilities of a town or parish clerk.


The Cemetery, Station Road

The Council still intends to bring the Chapels back into use, Cllr Neil Done has completed many site visits and obtained quotes to find the most suitable and effective methods of supplying electricity to the Chapels. If the Council approves an application will be made to Wellingborough Borough Council for funding. In the meantime, the Council has had minor works completed to elevate the tripping points of the paths at the Cemetery.


Obelisk and Recreation Ground & Toilets

The Responsible Finance Officer Julia Tufnail has completed a Business Case for the Transfer of Assets to Finedon Town Council from Wellingborough Borough Council for the Obelisk and Recreation Ground & Toilets. However, this will of course be subject to the Council’s approval at the Full Town Council Meeting.


War Memorial and Green

The War Memorial and Green are currently in the process of being registered to Finedon Town Council.


Remembrance Day

Unfortunately due to the current pandemic, the memorial day this year will not be able to go ahead as normal as previous years. Cllr Ray Ogle has greatly assisted with the proposed plans for Remembrance Day on Sunday 8th November 2020 which if approved by the Council and Wellingborough Borough Council will be a very reduced service whereby we will be advising members of the public not to attend. The reduced service will be filmed to be livestreamed on Social Media for members of the public to watch from home or at a later date. However, further details will be posted on our Town Council Website, Social Media, Notice Board, etc nearer the time.


Banks Park

The Covid-19 signs for the play area had been damaged. The Chairman has repaired the signs by drilling holes and re-securing them at both entrances to the play area. The manhole cover in Bank Park was not secure therefore this was reported to Anglian Water and I am happy to confirm that has now been repaired.



Cllr Jim Wrigley and myself have recently attended the relevant training for the 2 new vehicle activated signs (VAS). Now that this training has been completed, they will be placed around Finedon on rotation to reduce the issue of speeding in strategic locations.  Additionally, if you have any highways issues, please keep reporting them to Highways via their Fix My Street portal, Fix My Street – NCC Highways.


As usual, please feel free to contact the Council should you have anything you wish to bring to their attention.  Providing it is within the Council’s remit, we will try our best to make Finedon a better place to live.


Ally Chang – Clerk, Finedon Town Council  November 2020