Extract from the Finedon Parish magazine August 1920, 100 years ago

July 11th
Philip Sydney Smith

July 23rd
William Henry Blackwell

July 25th
Ada Elisabeth Desborough
Ronald Gilbert Coles
Blanche Margaret Sylvia Meeking
Linda May Jarvis
Gordon Philip Liddngton
Philip Albert Underwood

July 24th
Leonard Houghton and Gwyneth May Addis
Cecil Edward Merryweather  and Jessie Edith Eileen Freeman

July 29th
Herbert Reginald Collier and  Lillian Streather

July 19th
Edmund Panther 65
Catherine Annie Chapman 66
Ada Ellen Flook  51

4th July Collection £4.0.2
11th July Sunday School Fund  £5.2.1
18th July Northampton Hospital £5.10.4
5th July Church expenses £ 4.9.10


Churching  before or after a service.



Holy Communion

1st Sunday in month  8am and 11.45am.

2nd and 4th Sunday 7am.

Matins 11am

Evensong 6.30pm

Holy Communion

Weekdays Thursday and Holy Days 8am

Mon, Wed , Fri 10am Tues and Thurs 7.45am

Sat 8am

Daily evensong, Choral Evensong Wednesday at 8am