Delivering Church Magazines

One day in the 1970’s I was asked if I would deliver a few magazines as a favour for a friend due to illness, little did I think it would last for 48 years.

When I started delivering magazines things were very different than today. I had 26 magazines and most people paid monthly the price of 6d old money.


When I knocked on the door it was come in sit down and they would chat or find a little job for you while they found their change. When older people moved into a flat or bungalow they would then say don’t put me on another list we will miss you calling each month, so my round consisted of many streets.


Gradually I was able to persuade people to pay yearly but they still wanted me to visit each month. As the years progressed people passed away and new people requested the magazine to be delivered. This made things much easier as everyone pays for the year in January, then you push a magazine through the letter box each month with no other jobs.

I know feel it is time to retire, it has been a very enjoyable and rewarding task.


God Bless whoever takes over my round.

Jean Wills