Eco Church round-up | November

Webinars on getting to net zero carbon

This series of webinars is designed to support and equip you to reach the Church’s ambitious “net zero carbon” emissions target; everything from forming your team to putting solar panels on your roof, and including low cost ‘housekeeping’ actions which can pay back quickly. Choose as many topics as you need to help you on this decade-long journey. Further details of the various topics, dates, and how to book.


A positive vision of a zero carbon church building – Mon 2nd Nov, 1-2pm
This webinar focuses on net zero carbon church buildings. What practical changes can be made, to reduce the carbon emissions from heating, lighting, and running the buildings? What does a ‘net zero carbon church’ look like, and what are the practical steps to get there?  To register:


Action planning for net zero – Thursday 26th Nov, 1-2pm & Monday 7th Dec, 4-5pm

This webinar focuses on developing an action plan for getting to net zero across all diocesan activities, including churches, schools & land.

To register:


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