Eco Church round-up | August

You may have heard of Veganuary or Sober October, but how about Plastic Free July? Maybe not quite such a catchy title, but nonetheless a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution. The website has so many ideas, large and small, about how you can get involved. Find alternatives to everyday plastic objects from toothbrushes to sanitary items to disposable razors, or think big and clean up a local area or park (following suitable social distancing guidelines, of course). As a starting point, why not take the Plastic Free July quiz here:


Fairtrade Church

This summer, the Fairtrade Foundation is starting a Youth for Fairtrade group to shape the future of Fairtrade campaigning. Anyone aged between 16-30 can get involved – all details including an application form are available here:
There is also now a short video available to view on the St Mary’s Finedon website and Twitter feed on how choosing Fairtrade means real change for people and for the planet, sent to us by the Fairtrade Foundation.

Greening our churchyards—sympathetic management of churchyards for wildlife

Churchyards and graveyards can be havens for wildlife: It is the grassland habitats within churchyards that are particularly important for wildflowers, butterflies and insects. Churchyards may be the only fragments of unimproved, wildlife-rich grassland remaining locally and can be an important refuge for the species of these habitats.  Our ‘old churchyard’ across the road is left unmown to encourage wild flowers, bee orchids and the like. It is mown once a year. We have contacted BCN to ask about an advisory visit.


Also, it would be great to have details of what the gardening club/anyone else has already done e.g. the Gardening Team are working on an area to plant wild flowers for bees.


Our  new visitor New greeter at church this Sunday—19 July 2020!  A large rabbit has taken up residence in the church yard.  It tried Hampton Cell but has moved on. Any ideas for a name?

 For further information re: the Eco Church scheme, please contact Vivien Buckby: