Traveling Solo


Following the death of the Rt Revd Ian Cundy – the late Bishop of Peterborough – in 2009, his widow Jo Cundy put her grief into written form. Her first book, Letting Go of Ian, was published in 2014. She has now followed that up with Travelling Solo – an exploration of her new life and why she is “celebrating life’s new opportunities”.

Here is a review of Travelling Solo by the Rt Revd Chris Edmondson – Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Leeds.

Using the metaphor of journey, Jo Cundy, in her new book, writes in a deeply moving and engaging way. She skilfully and beautifully weaves together the way in which the travels she has been able to undertake in recent years have – often in surprising ways – spoken into the inner journey on which she has found herself. Therefore, far from being an escape from facing and living with the loss of her husband, Jo writes of the

last few years as offering fresh, surprising and sometimes amusing opportunities for “moving into the future without losing what is precious in the past”.

Jo makes no bones about the continuing challenges of being on a path she wouldn’t have chosen, and doesn’t dodge difficult questions. However, along with the vulnerability and honesty which characterise her writing, Travelling Solo is a truly hope-filled book.