Thank you Corner

Thank you to Kate Piggot and her team of flower arrangers who made Easter displays, Easter cakes and baskets and the FST volunteers who delivered them to the people of  Finedon who live alone, are house -bound and  ill.  Also, many thanks to the Trefoil Guild who have provided the money to enable the team  to make the arrangements.


Thank you to Vivian Buckby who has started work on St. Mary’s becoming an Eco Church.  We thought we were rather good at being an eco friendly Church until we downloaded the paperwork but we have taken a few steps in the right direction.

Thank you to all the usual magazine distributers who have tirelessly delivered this Church Magazine over the years. Due to the coronavirus pandemic it was felt that the safest way to deliver the magazine currently was via the FST network. Apologies that we have not notified you earlier. Thank you to all the FST volunteers who are helping deliver the church magazine. Apologies if you did not receive one and were expecting a magazine, please ring Gill on 07952195816 or


Thank you to Ideal Manufacturing of Finedon from all the elderly and vulnerable people that received hand sanitiser.  You have helped many people in Finedon who could not get hold of any cleanser.

Message received from Ideal:

“Hope you are keeping safe and healthy! It is absolutely our pleasure!  So glad that we could help. Thank you so much for the kind message! It has lifted our spirits in these difficult times!”


Thank you and well done to all the Finedon Support Teams (FST) Response volunteers in Finedon – you are doing a splendid.