An update on the Parish ‘giving Scheme

The Officer for the Diocese of Peterborough, gives us an update on the Parish Giving Scheme, which began to be implemented by the Diocese in June 2019. As you may already know, the Diocese of Peterborough is in the process of changing its planned giving arrangements to the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS). We have already run 12 Deanery workshops and have held two Diocese launch events. Since these were held, we have registered 85 parishes to the new scheme – 50 of which are now live and giving through the PGS scheme. We could not have done this without the hard work of Treasurers, Churchwardens, PCCs and individuals who have embraced the change and have made it happen. Your efforts are appreciated! We continue the roll out across the Diocese. We have just over a year to get all those who give through the existing Diocesan scheme swapped over onto the new scheme (the deadline to move over to PGS is 31st December 2020). We still have work to do! A further 115 parishes need to register and work with their givers to move their giving over. The significant advantage that PGS offers is that givers can choose to automatically increase their giving each year. The PGS scheme is very effective, and parishes have found it easy to register. We have had some very positive feedback from the new scheme – some of these comments can be seen below. This should help you have a realistic view so far.

The changeover went very well, with about 30% signing to have the choice of an increase annually. I would say our experience has been quite positive so far. In terms of dealing with the PGS, I’ve found them helpful and responsive.  They (the PGS) appear to be on top of their process.

It’s well worth having a good review of the forms before sending them to PGS as I would estimate 20% of ours were incomplete when they were handed back. Two members of the PCC volunteered to visit parishioners to explain finances and the new PGS giving scheme.

I am a PGS scheme user and find it easy to understand the monthly reports I receive and download to check my records. It’s great that PGS pays monies into our bank and claims the appropriate tax back (and pays it into our bank also).

PGS will reduce some of my workload.

The internet visibility of PGS is great