From The Rev. Jane Burns

As we continue to navigate our way through these extraordinary times we now find ourselves locked out of our church buildings, distanced from people we care for and struggling to process what is happening around us and perhaps worrying about what is yet to happen.  Yet alongside this there are some amazing things happening.  Communities are uniting to care for the vulnerable, Rainbows are appearing in front windows as a gesture of thanks to key workers and never has the NHS been more appreciated.  Creation is taking time to recover as pollution levels drop.  Clear water, fish and swans are to be found in the canals of Venice and no doubt other small miracles are happening as a result.  And suddenly many of us find that we have time on our hands that we don’t normally have which, for some, may be a real blessing.  As a Church we continue to be Church whether we meet Sunday by Sunday.  As worship sustains us so does prayer and whilst we can’t meet together we can certainly pray.  Perhaps now is an opportunity for all of us to tend to our prayer life.  If we do then we will make space for more amazing things to happen both to ourselves and the world around us.  There are lots of resources out there that can help with this.  The Church of England website has both morning and evening prayer on it and I have suggested a couple of apps below that you might like to try.  If you prefer low tech why not dust off that BCP that is gathering dust on the shelf.  I came across a prayer in the Church Times this week that feels particularly apt for today.  If you don’t know where to start try praying it every day.

This prayer comes from the Oxford Movement Centenary Prayer Book (Church Literature Association, 1933) O Lord Jesus Christ, since I cannot now receive Thee sacramentally,  I humbly pray Thee that Thou wouldest come spiritually to my soul. Come, Lord Jesus, come and cleanse me, heal me, strengthen me, and unite me to Thyself, now and for evermore. Amen.  With my love and prayers




Fr Richard.