Floodlight Sponsorship ASeptember 2019

The Grimes & Kellard family – in memory of Edwin Frederick Green (on what would have been his 100th birthday).
Trevor Bivens – in memory of Kathleen Bivens (on what would have been their 57th wedding anniversary on 25th August).

8th September

Joyce, Mark, Emily & Sarina – treasured memories of Bryan, much loved and greatly missed (on the fifth anniversary of his death).
Delia Kerr & family – in memory of Willie Kerr who will be in their hearts forever (on what would have been his birthday).

15th September

The Le Count family –in memory of Mr Nicholas Le Count
Muriel Brooks – in memory of Harry Brooks (on what would have been their 52nd Anniversary).

22nd September

Richard Minney & family—in memory of Lesley Minney (on what would have been her 68th birthday).
Colin, Jo, Christian & Michael Needle – in memory of Beryl Needle (on what would have been her birthday).
Blessings to Sheila & Barry Hales on their 60th wedding anniversary.

29th September

Carole Mitchell—in memory of her late husband Peter Heywood (on the 13th anniversary of his death).
Denis & Dorothy Howell – in memory of Frederick Amos Howell.
Margaret, Stuart & Andrew Mitchell—in memory of Alan Mitchell (on what would have been his 80th birthday).