Floodlight Sponsorship April 2019

3rd March
Christine & Bryan Chapman – to celebrate the 18th birthday of their elder grandson Oliver Anthony Williams.



10th March
Carole & Paul Mitchell – in memory of her dear parents Ronald and Alice Smith (on the 11th and 4th anniversaries of their deaths).

Velma, Chris & Charles – remembering Robert (Bob) with love as always (on the 4th anniversary of his death on 12th March). Loving husband of Velma. Dear father of Chris & Charles.



24th March
St Mary’s Thursday Club – to celebrate the Club is 58 years old.

David & Mary Wilson—to celebrate Wayne & Lisa Kelcher’s Blessing of their marriage on 30th March.



31st March
Carolyn, Jane & Roger – in memory of their dear mum, Phyllis Neville (on what would have been her birthday).