Finedon Town Council

Clerk: Mrs Julia Tufnail

Office Hours: Monday-Friday Mornings
51 Market Road,
NN14 4JT

Telephone: 07496 885235





Your Councillors:
Laurence Harper Chairman
Terry Kendall-Torry, Vice Chair & Planning
Malcolm Ward, also WBC
Barbara Bailey, also WBC
Sally Farrell, Gill Spencer,
Gordon Swann,
Stuart Cooper,
Andrew Weatherill,
Mike Bentley,
Dennis Willmott,
Ray Ogle,
Louise Lawrence



Banks Park Trees

The trees are going fast under the replacement scheme!  Please contact me if you would like to reserve a tree.




The Council met with Wellingborough Borough Council and, subject to the final results of the consultation and NCC terminating their current lease, the Town Council and the Borough Council will be working to put a lease in place, subject to terms being agreed.  This will ensure the future of the Library in Finedon for as long as there are volunteers to run it in conjunction with the Library Service.



Pocket Park

The application for transfer is being considered towards the end of March so further news will be in the next edition.




Northamptonshire Street Watch is being set up by the Police, it is a community patrol initiative that helps you make a difference where you live. Street Watch gives you and your community an opportunity to do something to keep your area safe, including just walking round your neighbourhood, which can really help. Local police keep in regular contact with Street Watch members to share information. As a Street Watch member, you will patrol your local area for at least two hours every month, at times which suit you. You will patrol in pairs, alongside one of your neighbours, talk to people you meet and encourage them to take an active interest in keeping your area safe. If you would like to join, please email them to express your interest and get further information.

The Council are also in the process of arranging an information evening for residents given by the Crime Prevention Team, full details to follow once the team have confirmed their availability.



Traffic in Finedon

The Council met with NCC on the 7th March to discuss the need for a pedestrian crossing at Banks Park, the increased volume of traffic through Finedon and speeding traffic, amongst other matters.  It was agreed that a survey would be carried out to give an accurate picture of the issues and support the council’s requests.  It was agreed that there was a problem but that the financing earmarked for the new junction would not be available for 5-6 years.  The Council will, of course, continue to press for changes to be made.  It was further agreed that more regular speed checks would be requested.


As usual, please feel free to contact the Council should you have anything you wish to bring to their attention.  Providing it is within the Council’s remit, we will try our best to make Finedon a better place to live.



Julia Tufnail

Clerk, Finedon Town Council

March 2019