Candlemas Evensong Sunday 2nd February 6.00 pm.

Candlemas celebrates three things.  The Purification of the Virgin Mary 40 days after the birth of Jesus, the day Jesus was presented in the temple and the day is  named Candlemas after the 11th century tradition of blessing all the Church candles.

In the past a similar tradition occurred in our Churches which appears to have died out nowadays.  Mothers who were ‘Churched’ are blessed by the priest after about 40 days after giving birth to thank God for a safe delivery of a child.  Some of our older members of the congregation may have been Churched after giving birth in the earlier times. Have you been Churched?


If Candlemas Day be fair and bright

Winter will have another flight;

If Candlemas Day be showery and rain

Winter is gone and will not come again